Night vision binocular 5x GEN 1+

Night vision binocular 5x GEN 1+
Item# night-vision-binocular-55

Product Description

Our new SB50 binocular features individual focusing optical system, which allows for close-up focusing and more precise adjustments on any viewing distance. LN-SB50 feels just like a daylight binocular with such features like inter-pupillary adjustment and individual focusing eyepieces. Unit features low-battery indicator and a built-in tripod mount allowing for extended observations, which is great for nighttime nature viewing and law enforcement. This is also one of the very few night vision binoculars that can be adapted to the SLR cameras with the help of our LN-CAS camera adapter system. 5x magnification with all-glass multicoated optics. Built-in IR illuminator and tripod mount. Camera adaptable. Soft touch controls and low-battery indicator. Technology-------------------------------------Generation-1


Objective lens:-------------------------------------------80mm

Field Of View:--------------------------------------9 degrees

Focusing distance:------------------3m (10ft) to infinity

Viewing distance:---------------------------325m (1,060ft)

Dimensions:-----------------200mm x 153mm x 66mm (7.8 x 5.9 x 2.6)

Weight:-------------------------------------------1350g (2.97lb)

Power:-------------------------------1x3V Lithium (CR123)

Operating time:------------------------------------------36 hrs

Warranty:---------------------------------------------------1 Year