Night vision sm50 5x monocular uses 2 AAA batteries GEN 1+

Night vision sm50 5x monocular uses 2 AAA batteries GEN 1+
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Product Description

New standard in consumer night vision design. High-quality all-glass optics. High power 5x magnification. Built-in IR illuminator and tripod mount. One-touch controls with power and IR light indicators.

Our LN-SM50 is the latest statement in consumer night vision. Fresh and futuristic design fits comfortably in one hand with conveniently placed one-touch controls. The light indicators are on the top of the unit, eliminating unwanted glare in your eyes when viewing in the dark. Improved click ocular utilizes proven quality 5-element glass system, yet is more comfortable to use. Dual-color body distinguishes this unit from just about anything else on the market. Precision 5x magnification and top-quality objective lens, multicoated specifically for best light transmission provide vivid and sharp images. Built-in powerful IR illuminator allows use in total darkness. Unit features built-in tripod mount and user-friendly battery compartment.

Technology------------------ Top-Grade Generation-1


Objective lens:-------------------------------------------80mm

Field Of View:--------------------------------------9 degrees

Focusing distance:-----------------2m (6.6ft) to infinity

Viewing distance:-----------------------------300m (978ft)

Dimensions:-------------------182mm x 55mm x 65mm (7.1 x 2.1 x 2.5)

Weight:--------------------------------------------670g (1.47lb)

Power:---------------------------------------------2 x AAA-size

Operating time:------------------------------------------30 hrs

Warranty:---------------------------------------------------1 year Attractive Duo-Tone rubberized finish.